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The Society is always grateful for donations of money that contributes towards our running costs or towards a specific project.

Gift Aid is a very valuable way to make your donations go further.  For every pound you give to us, we can get an extra 28 pence from the Inland Revenue.  In the last five years Gift Aid has increased our income by over £1,600.

The Gift Aid form is very simple to complete and makes such a difference to your generosity.
How do I leave money to the Society in my Will?
It's easy to include the Society in your will, but you should always consult a professional such as a solicitor or financial adviser to be sure that your will reflects your exact intentions and you understand any tax implications.

Before you call your adviser, take a few minutes to clear your thoughts and decide exactly what you want to do. Ask yourself...

What  have I got to leave?
If you own your home, how much is it worth?  Have you any savings,  investments, valuables or jewellery?

Who do I want to help?
Of course you must make provision for your family, friends and pets first.  Make a list of their full names and addresses.

Who else has made a difference to my life?
Which causes have been important to you?  Which appeals have really moved you?  Has the Society helped you, or someone you love?  Would you like to help preserve Bridge Cottage or Nutley Mill?  

Make a note of our official Charity name - Uckfield & District Preservation Society Ltd
our address - c/o The Treasurer, The Firs, Court Lane, Coopers Green, Uckfield  TN22 3AG
and our Registered Charity number - 1102573.

Inheritance tax.
Any gift, however large or small, will help to ensure the Society is able to preserve its buildings.  However a gift to the Society could also reduce your inheritance tax.  A gift made to a registered charity, like the Society, is free from inheritance tax.  Such gifts are deducted from your estate before inheritance tax is calculated.  So if these gifts bring the value of your estate below the current tax threshold level, your estate should not be liable for any inheritance tax.

- If you already have a will and a solicitor, click here.

- If you have a solicitor but no will, click here.
The Society is sometimes offered photographs and other items of historic or local interest.  Our archives are growing with items and collections that have been kindly donated in the past.

However we do not have unlimited space for keeping archives or unlimited resources for caring for them into the future.  For these reasons we may not be able to accept every proposed donation.  Similarly we may not be able to accept an offer if it has strings attached and the donor insists on unacceptable conditions.

In most cases we welcome donations and have a simple Donations Form to give details of the gift and to provide a record of transfer of ownership.