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The planning and environment group tries to anticipate future changes to the Uckfield environment such as building and road construction, deterioration of listed buildings or change of use of land. This can be done by monitoring commercial and private property developers and local government planning applications.

The group was formed to provide a link between Uckfield & District Preservation Society and Local Authorities, Estate Agents, Archaeologists, Architects and any groups or individuals involved in changes to property or land in the area. This would enable us to be aware of the possible future of our environment as seen by other people.

During the last ten years the Society has been able to present information at a public enquiry into the most suitable use for the land now designated as the Millennium Green. A campaign to have the Uckfield Conservation Area extended was successfully completed in 1998. Development projects in the conservation area and to local listed buildings are continually monitored and representations have been made to the local authorities requesting that changes proposed are in keeping with the building or area concerned.

Other aspects of our environment which are monitored include the maintenance of roads, paths and buildings and the discouragement of the over development of land to the point where the infrastructure becomes overloaded.

The state of our environment has to be constantly reassessed if it is to be preserved in the rapidly changing pressures of present day expansion. Changes have to be made but it is often difficult to see why a particular change is proposed. Maintaining a watch on local government activities by checking their public announcements and attending public meetings can give some insight into the reasoning behind the decisions they make. In the last ten years it has become easier to access information about plans for the future as we now have a direct Internet link with the Town Council and are also able to attend their meetings when necessary.
Uckfield High Street 1908
Uckfield High Street 1998